The Attitude Of Resilience: How To Bounce Back From A Setback

This talk is designed for anyone who has ever experienced a setback in life. It will help you tap into the power of a setback and make it work for you. Giving up should never be an option during or after a setback. There are 5 steps to take to bounce back from any setback. If there are times when your groups or organization feel stuck or need a shoot in the arm, this presentation is right for you. The power to bounce back is a preventive measures that will help students learn to cope with their emotions and seek positive outcomes for this circumstances.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Your Organization will learn the 5 steps to bouncing back from a setback.
2. Your Organization will be able to communicate with others and express their reality.
3. Your Organization will be able create an actual 3 step plan to chart a new path for their lives.

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