Booked Like Crazy For Welcome/Orientation Week/1st Year Experience

MANAGINGWhat your students do during the first week of classes will majorly impact their grades and their long-term chances of success. Unfortunately, many students will arrive on campus totally unprepared for the college experience, without having had any practical guidance. This is where Curtis comes in. He will deliver an eye-opening talk for orientation/welcome week that will result in many of your students re-evaluating their own attitudes. Studies have shown that student success is directly linked to involvement in college activities. When they are involved, students tend to devote more time and energy on academics. Curtis teaches a fundamental approach for getting students involved from the moment they enter your campus, ensuring that your students’ first experience on your campus is a successful one.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Students will discover the benefits of getting involved in campus activities.
2. Students will accept the challenge to get involved right from day one!
3. Students will learn how to decide on which organizations you’d like to join.

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