Booked Like Crazy For 2nd Year Experience, Leadership and Greek Events

Mistakes, failures, and rejections are all a part of being human. Many people don’t handle a setback well and see it as a time to quit. Curtis is somewhat of an expert on setbacks, and has more than a few fascinating stories to tell on this topic. If your group or organization is stuck and needs a shot in the arm, this presentation is right for you! Curtis is living proof that giving up should never be an option; he will let you in on the secrets to success and the 5 steps he took to turn his life around when he had setbacks. A captivatingly powerful presentation that will get everyone back up and running!

Learning Outcomes:

1. Students will learn the 5 steps to bouncing back from a setback.
2. Students will discover how to effectively communicate with others and express your reality.
3. Students will create an actual 3-step plan to chart a new path for your life.

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