Does public school prepare students for Penn State or the State Pen?


Every morning as I pull up at work, I know that I will have to park my car in the alley (our makeshift parking lot) behind the tall black gate that runs the entire perimeter of the facility (I will talk about the gate later). I can barely get out of my car to get my belongings before I can hear my name being called from inside the gate. “Good morning Mr. Hill!” As I peer through the gate to see who called me, I know in my mind that it is only a matter of seconds before whoever called my name will be upset because I didn’t speak back quickly enough which will set the tone for our interactions the entire shift. Therefore, I yell back, “Good morning!” in a stern voice. As I am passing the gate, there are hundreds of people holding the gate and yelling different obscenities at one another. The physical play is so rough that I can tell that today won’t be a good day. What I’m describing may sound like a prison or a juvenile detention center, but it’s not, it’s a public school.

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