After listening to the presentation in person, I agree that Curtis can be a powerful force on any campus. Curtis’ discussion about leadership and self-awareness was outstanding. Because of hi life experiences, Curtis’ message really touched some of our students personally. For these students, seeing the successes Curtis has achieved regardless of his adversity gives them the belief that they can make their dreams realities. I would highly recommend Curtis to anyone who wants to give their students or staff first-hand knowledge of will, desire and the ability to succeed.

  • John Stoltzenburg, Lincoln College & Director of Student Activities

Curtis Hill is a remarkable speaker. He interacts with his audience using his life experiences. He gets through to the audience with jokes and very compelling stories. I would describe his prostrations as visual, impactful, and comical.

  • Teri Steele, Atlanta Metropolitan State College

Curtis’ unique approach captured me and there wasn’t a moment that I am not engaged. I just finished up four years of women’s basketball at the collegiate level and there are always guest speakers, but what sets Curtis apart is, he will not only motivate you, but after the presentation, he wants to build a relationship with his participants and help them continue to grow.

  • Jasmine Thompson, University of Central Missouri

Curtis Hill’s zeal surely elevates the minds of his audience. He is an excellent speaker. He not only possess the ability to captivate young adults, but his insightful topics are very relatable to lives of young people. After hearing him speak, his energy leaves you with an internal drive of ambition.

  • Khyla Alexander, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville