Keynotes for Colleges


Booked Like Crazy For Leadership Keynotes and Workshops

Leadership is a process by which the leader is transformed so that he/she can help transform the lives of others. In order to be an effective leader, one must develop the attitude of a leader. Whether your students have a formal title of a leader or have not moved into that position yet, anyone can […]

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Booked Like Crazy For Welcome/Orientation Week/1st Year Experience

What your students do during the first week of classes will majorly impact their grades and their long-term chances of success. Unfortunately, many students will arrive on campus totally unprepared for the college experience, without having had any practical guidance. This is where Curtis comes in. He will deliver an eye-opening talk for orientation/welcome week […]

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Booked Like Crazy For 2nd Year Experience, Leadership and Greek Events

Mistakes, failures, and rejections are all a part of being human. Many people don’t handle a setback well and see it as a time to quit. Curtis is somewhat of an expert on setbacks, and has more than a few fascinating stories to tell on this topic. If your group or organization is stuck and […]

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Creating “US”: Erasing The Walls Of Separation

Booked Like Crazy For Diversity/Multicultural/Minority Events

In today’s rapidly changing world, students need to develop a deeper understanding of what diversity really means. Tackling diversity should consist of a lot more than just compliance and affirmative action. Inclusion is the key – being aware of those around you and not only respecting them, but having a true appreciation for them and […]

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Keynotes for Corporate

The Attitude Of A Leader: Taking The Lead And Keeping It

Have you ever wondered why some leaders are more effective than others? Why some put in just as much time as others, but don’t yield the same results? It’s simple, effective leaders have the right attitude.

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The Attitude Of Resilience: How To Bounce Back From A Setback

This talk is designed for anyone who has ever experienced a setback in life. It will help you tap into the power of a setback and make it work for you. Giving up should never be an option during or after a setback.

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The Attitude Of Diversity: Understanding The Color Of R.A.I.N.

Let’s face it, our world is changing and our institutions of higher learning should reflect this diversity. Diversity means more than compliance and affirmative action, it means inclusion. Being aware of those around you and not only respecting them, but having a true appreciation for them and their differences.

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Identity Theft: Building Your Corporate Identity

If your identity is not worth stealing you need a new one. In today’s highly completive workplace building a brand that cannot be stolen is a thing of the past.

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Keynotes for Youth

Be Your Best You

Too often they (young people) try to be like others or live up to other people’s expectations of them which causes them to be in what I call, “A state of limbo.” If you have children/students who are not living up to their potential this is the program for you.

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